Red Elephant Fraternity: Three-Tenths

Well. I suppose it’s a fraternity for Red Elephants. At an Elephant University. I pumped out these words while listening to the Backstreet Boys, so who knows what just happened. I’m double-prompting myself by giving me the length of the next song to come on my iTunes on shuffle to use all 10 words while listening to what can only be the sound of raccoon babies crying in my yard (seriously what was that)

One Saturday night there was a blatant attempt to break up the Elephant mixer down at Elephant University. The frat bros knew they would be in trouble if anyone caught them drinking, so they booked it for the Red Elephant Fraternity bomb shelter in the distant end of the lot. They dressed in orange jumpsuits so that they might blend in with the rest of the fraternity (they were pretty wasted at this point but it must have made sense to them). Eight minutes later, the boys started to fawn over one another because they’d had far too much to drink. Fortunately, not a lot of photos were posted on Facebook of the night, but it still took weeks for things to go back to normal at the Red Elephant Fraternity.

Song: Still See Blue Skies – Nicole Rayy (4:08)

10 Words:

  1. Blatant
  2. Elephant
  3. Trouble
  4. Red
  5. Distant
  6. Orange
  7. Fraternity
  8. Eight
  9. Fawn
  10. Normal


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