Nightmare Inception : Secret of Success

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

I don’t think that being a “successful blogger” is something you can quantify. I don’t think that the number of likes, follows, and views are a mark of success, either. I would say that “success” is different for everyone, in that they got what they wanted out of their blog.

This morning, I had a nightmare within a nightmare. The first one was that on the first day of my work term, I showed up at my previous job by accident, and as they hadn’t found a student they just let me stay. Aside from the horror of having to call my new employers and tell them that I would not be coming in, I felt completely helpless, as I got used to feeling at that workplace. They have a traditional bureaucratic system in which management makes all the decisions, and entry-levels and students are the last to hear them, even when the decision is only relevant to you and your boss.

I woke up from that dream and into another, in which I eventually discovered that I had actually missed my first two days of work, and had to decide what to say when I called them. This one was based more on my tendency to “flake out” as my mom calls it – despite being an organized and thoughtful person, sometimes things just fall out of my head, and it gives me major anxiety that I can’t control it. That’s why I keep calendars and lists and set alarms for myself, although even that sometimes doesn’t cut it.

A week and a half ago that dream would have been forgotten. I wouldn’t have taken the time to explain what particular fears were awoken, and I would never have understood them myself without putting it into writing. That,  and having a couple of people (bonus points if it’s not the same ones every time) read each post is success in my opinion. My goals are to understand myself better through writing, and to share my world view with whoever is kind enough to listen.

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