Canada Sucks and I Don’t Want to Leave : I Pledge Allegience

Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

I live in a country where no one is patriotic except for choice circumstances:

  1. While travelling
  2. During the Olympics, especially winter
  3. When asked

The rest of the time they don’t really care, and it’s sad.

The reason it’s sad is because I used to call myself patriotic. I used to think this was the greatest country on earth, that we had beautiful landscapes and tons of space and most of the fresh water on the planet and a fine population of people. Plenty of people would agree with me. People even say “I’m going to move to Canada” when things are going badly in the States. But take heed, my friends to the South: Do. Not. Move here.

I have become jaded by this great nation because when it comes to politics, no one cares. The rate of eligible Canadians who show up to vote at elections is just over half. Like, 50-something percent. That is utterly pathetic and makes me want to slap half of the country.

But I can promise you that we ALL care about American politics. We care very deeply. We wear Obama shirts and watch the debates and the election coverage is printed in our newspapers – and I’m talking front page stories here.

What is wrong with us??? About a year ago our HoC passed this ridiculous budget bill that altered legislation in every area of the law, including undoing environmental bills that were meant to protect our wildlife, and because it was a budget it only had to be approved by a Finance Minister. And even though the other parties united against him, he has the majority so it passed, with very little media coverage. That was one among many sneaky little things he did to turn our country into the absolute last place in environmental protection out of all the developed nations. We still love our Albertan oil, we still love our outdated public transportation, and we LOVE the fact that we produce national resources, sell them to the US, then buy them back at a premium. Seriously, we’re all right on board.

Now, I may think our PM is a tyrant, but that’s not really why I’m so discouraged about Canada right now. It’s because the vast majority of the country has no idea what is happening. The majority thinks attack ads are fact, doesn’t realize that they’re footing the bill, and will vote Harper because “he’s been PM before so he must be good” (actual quote from someone I know). If we were all aware and on board with this, then fine, whatever. But people are too busy watching the US become more like us to notice us becoming more like the US (no offence, USA, but there ain’t room for two of you on this continent).

Anyway, I’m boycotting the next Olympics for Russian-oppression related reasons, so I won’t have any Pro-Canada fun until our government sorts itself out with zero participation from the citizens as per usual, aside from half of us crawling out of our igloos to go and vote. Sigh.

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14 Responses to Canada Sucks and I Don’t Want to Leave : I Pledge Allegience

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  5. carrico says:

    Another sigh,
    I leave in reply.
    Forever your legion
    Will remain my believe-in.

  6. snosler says:

    I was just thinking about the Olympics – very true!!

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  12. linbeth says:

    On the politics front it’s absolutely no different here in the UK. I will never understand how any single politician can have a majority when half the people here don’t vote. Even if it was made compulsory I’m sure people would just spoil their ballot papers. Still, good to know we aren’t alone :s

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