We Are All Dilbert

Yesterday I rediscovered Dilbert:


And I laughed. A lot.

It didn’t take long for me to realize who Dilbert is. My first impression was that he’s probably what inspired Chandler Bing’s character – he’s always got something to say, some witty commentary to highlight the ridiculous situations. It’s a truly beautiful art form. But then it occurred to me that Dilbert is actually all of us – all of us poor souls who work for a company, that is. Which, if you don’t work for a  company… uh, who do you work for? (I suppose you’re self employed – please don’t be your own pointy-haired-boss).

My point is, it’s early, and I don’t really have time for this because I have to get to work.

My other point is that we are all Dilbert. But most of us (all of us who still have our jobs) won’t actually say the things Dilbert says – that is because Dilbert is us if we actually said what we were thinking. I know. I’m a literary genius. (Everyone else probably knew this already but give me a break, I’m new.)

So next time your boss says something ridiculous and you respond to them only in your mind, imagine a tiny Dilbert there speaking for you. I guarantee you will go absolutely crazy in only a few days and receive no merit for this exercise.

PS: I got Freshly Pressed for this post… Excuse me while I cry tears of joy the whole way to work. (It’s not live yet – I was forewarned)


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2 Responses to We Are All Dilbert

  1. That Dilbert comic strip had me laughing at loud. I’m unemployed at the moment (college student here) so I can’t actually validate what you said, but that imagine-Dilbert-talking exercise sounds so funny, if a little crazy. Congrats on the freshly pressed! :D


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