On Laziness : Practice Makes Perfect

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

Although this would drastically change who I am and what I stand for, I wish I had willpower.

I have a feeling it would make things easier, like finishing my homework on time, staying on top of lectures, and reading Much Ado About Nothing instead of writing because I’ve been working on Shakespeare for a couple hours now and I need a break.

It seems like I always need a break. I always want to just put down the books and go back to reading or writing or re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender again or listening to music and playing Solitaire. I never feel a drive to get anything done.

Again, this is who I am and what I stand for. I like slow days, restfulness, staying in bed because I can. I wear myself out at work and expecting to do schoolwork as well to actually get ahead for once is asking for far too much from my fragile state of mind. The fact that I have an essay due on Wednesday and need to watch a few hours’ worth of lectures before then means nothing to me: My mind can take no more labour. Talk to me later, Shakespeare, right now I am going to eat dinner slowly and listen to music and ruminate about my characters and stories to get back on track.

These Shakespeare plays are exhausting, by the way. It’s like reading something in French – I can make out a few familiar words and sentence structures, but basically I have no idea what’s going on. It sounds rhythmic and poetic in my head, but what it means is beyond me. And I can’t be bothered to find out.

I should either start my essay tonight or read the next play, but what I will actually do is find something of my own to read and edit while I eat cake and pretend I’m not taking a class right now.

And that’s okay, because I’m not Batman. My literary counterpart is most likely Garfield.


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7 Responses to On Laziness : Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Nerdy Woman says:

    As someone who just completed 43 units in 2 semesters + 1 summer, I can definitely relate to what you’re going through. The only way I got through it was to tell myself it’s a sprint, not a marathon. I carried 20 units the last semester just to finish it and be done. It’s a sprint, not a marathon. I’m still amazed I did it because I also lack willpower, self-discipline, and all the other things that some people have but that I totally lack. No one is better at procrastinating or getting side-tracked/distracted than me.

    As for Shakespeare… I’d find a modern language commentary that explains it all. Without it, I’d be lost.

    Now, you know you don’t want to be writing an essay Tuesday night. So suck it up, promise to reward yourself after you’re done.

    At the same time, thanks for taking the time out to share this today. I really should add self-discipline to my wish list.

    • icedcappp says:

      I definitely go through that at the end of every school term – things wind down and I look back and wonder when I got it all done, since I seem to remember spending a lot of time doing nothing and not a lot of time being productive… Oh well. The essay’s coming along, anyway.

      Thanks for your comment!

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  5. geofflynch says:

    “My literary counterpart is most likely Garfield” — Love it. I wish I’d thought of that! Suits me to a tee.

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