Nylons Tomorrow

That’s right folks: Tomorrow is October 1st, and I have to wear pantyhose to work.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, a few things:

  1. I will be less comfortable at work
  2. I will have to be careful not to get runs in my tights
  3. I will have control-top tights to make me look about half a millimetre thinner
  4. My shoes will be more comfortable
  5. September is over.

I like September, and I don’t. I like fresh fall weather and all the family birthdays and celebrating my anniversary. I don’t like starting new school or work terms and the sun going down earlier and the first frost. September closed out in the most miserable way possible: Muggy, humid fall rain. I must bid my farewells to September with a splitting headache.

It’s okay, though, because I got to update my countdown (15 months until I finish school) and I got my hair chopped off (goodbye hair). It’s good because it’s month end at work and I’ll be kept busy doing things that are challenging and interesting. It’s good because October has Thanksgiving (Canadian edition) and Halloween and yet more birthdays and excuses to see the people I like.

It’s sad too, because September has sapphire blue skies and cloudless days and green trees. The leaves are already starting to change outside the window beside my cubicle at work. It will be beautiful, for a while, and then they’ll all fall off and things will turn ugly.

That is, until the snow comes. But snow comes with a price: Miserable driving conditions. Having to put on snow tires, which means going to the mechanic, which I can’t stand doing. The cold. Wet socks. Winter coats and gloves and hats and scarves.

But then there’s Christmas, and it makes it all worth it until December 26th. Then it all goes to hell. Putting up with winter weather once the holidays are over is the gloomiest, darkest time of year, in every way imaginable… although it has its new beginnings too. January brings the new year, and moving into a new apartment. Starting another new school term. Beginning my fourth year (senior year). Starting to write “2014”.

Ever notice that things change really fast this time of year? But once March comes along, and the weather starts to thaw, time slows down a little bit, and time drags. Nothing really happens in the Spring and Summer. Especially when you don’t have summers off.

I’m ready for another Fall Frenzy, I think. Welcome, October. And welcome, nylons. We’ll have a good time this year.

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One Response to Nylons Tomorrow

  1. I recently stumbled upon your blog, and must tell you how interesting you, and your articles are. Looking forward to befriending with you. :)


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