I Don’t Give a Damn About My Reputation

Today’s Daily Prompt asks if I have a reputation. The truth is, I have no idea. Not just because I don’t care, but because I’m a pretty low-profile kind of person and I don’t think people think about me.

It was amusing, though, to see the kind of reputation I developed on my co-op work terms. Co-op is like practice for real life, so it’s like getting a sneak preview of what my future colleagues are going to think of me. And this past fall, I was completely caught off guard when I developed a reputation for being completely, embarrassingly lazy.

I mean, it’s true, don’t get me wrong. I work hard, and when I’m on the clock I never want to be idle. But when it comes to getting up out of my chair and walking across the office to get a cup of water? Forget about it.

On the work term, I also somehow developed a reputation of being a health freak. That one isn’t me. I didn’t eat fast food because I couldn’t afford it. I drink black coffee because I’m lactose intolerant. But they still got the impression that I was this super-healthy health freak. So one day they were jokingly trying to get me to eat the Timbits someone had brought, and I let slip the real reason why I hadn’t had any: They were too far away.

This became a running joke. People started delivering food to my desk so that I wouldn’t have to walk two steps to get it. The truth is that I capitalize on my laziness to try to cut down on junk food (out of sight, out of mind, right?) so it wasn’t as helpful as you’d think. But what can you do, if not laugh at yourself?

Anyway, that’s my reputation: Too lazy to eat free junk food. Is it accurate? Probably.

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13 Responses to I Don’t Give a Damn About My Reputation

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  11. wordcoaster says:

    Too lazy to eat junk food–could be a lot worse! I find that I think a lot better when I’m walking around, but in an office that’s kind of frowned upon. You can’t just pace around; people think that’s weird. So, I became known as the chocoholic. I like chocolate, don’t get me wrong. But I used getting up to get a piece of chocolate all the way across the office as an excuse to be able to walk around and think for a bit. When I left that job, everyone gave me chocolate because they assumed that’s what I loved most. Reputations are a funny thing. :)

    • icedcappp says:

      That’s hilarious :) At least you got a bunch of chocolate out of it! It’s funny to see how presumptuous people are about our silly workday quirks though… makes me wonder how much I really know about my coworkers.

      • wordcoaster says:

        Yeah, I think the chocoholic reputation worked out well in the end. And I do have to give my coworkers credit–though they had not perhaps guessed the true purpose behind my chocolate fixation, they had observed that I preferred dark over milk chocolate. Thus I did really enjoy my farewell gift. I did re-gift some of the chocolate to some true chocoholics (unless that’s a reputation they’ve put on as well and they’re actually pathological liars–hmmm…). Anyway, I enjoyed your post, so thank you! :)


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