The Art of Coexistance: Why I Haven’t Seen My Roommate Yet

Today’s Daily Prompt asks who the first person I encountered today was.

The answer is no one, yet. I haven’t encountered anyone.

I have, however, encountered traces of someone. I heard a door shut this morning, which meant it was okay to get up. I found a partially-consumed pot of coffee in the kitchen. My dinner bowl from last night was moved into the sink, later. And I heard some cooking in the kitchen around lunchtime.

Who is this phantom who so expertly evades me – and who I so expertly evade? It’s my roommate, and also one of my best friends.

Are we fighting, you ask? Is everything OK? Everything is great, and everything is as it should be. My roommate and I know each other as well as anyone. We’ve lived together for over 3 years now, without incident. We estranged and then despised every other one of our past roommates – it seems we coexist only with each other. And the secret, I tell you, is that we don’t spend every. damn. second together.

In fact, in the morning when neither of us have had coffee, we make a point of avoiding each other. Why see someone who is exhausted and in an awful mood and looking her worst, when you, too, feel like you were hit by a truck and you need your life support (coffee)? We would only annoy each other. So we listen for the tell-tale sound of the bathroom door, the coffee grinder, the footsteps in the hallway, and we dance around each other all morning, both thinking the same thing: I hope she doesn’t come out here.

We laugh about it, later. When we’ve each had our fill of caffeine and alone time. But I feel lucky to have found a friend who will literally sit in the common room with me in total silence, for longer than five minutes, and just relax until one of thinks of something worth saying.

So no, I have not seen anyone today. And I prefer it that way.

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