Dear GenX, Boomers: Why Are You So Obsessed With GenY’s Shortcomings?

Today’s Daily Prompt asks about generations. I’m a Millenial, which means that I’m part of the generation under scrutiny right now. And this is something I simply don’t understand.

First of all, there’s the fact that all generations have been slammed by the generations before them for being all kinds of messed up. But hey, that’s life – we all grow up and do to our kids what our parents do to us.

But what makes people think that this is something worth getting worked up over? I read an article recently about things Millenials want in a job (respect from their employer, basically – groundbreaking, that.) So many of the comments basically said this: “So what? Why should we cater to these people?”

And to that, I say, are you seriously suggesting that society should ignore the opinions of all the people younger than you? … I don’t even know how to address this. I’m in an Audit lecture and I’m freezing. My point is this: Time is linear. Like it or not, I’m the future, and so are my peers. So I suggest you get to know us.

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9 Responses to Dear GenX, Boomers: Why Are You So Obsessed With GenY’s Shortcomings?

  1. jenniferw19 says:

    I find this a lot when I talk to people at work in different companies. Almost guaranteed, someone from an older generation will make a comment somewhere along the lines of “the younger employees are just not as good as we were at their age.” Either they don’t work as hard, are lazy, don’t have the right work ethic, ask too much from employers or don’t pick things up and learn as fast as other generations did.

    It leads me to two different conclusions:

    1) People overestimate how good they were back in the day.

    2) The people complaining about how slow Millennials are to get up to speed are normally the ones teaching them. Could it be something to do with the way they are teaching them?

    This is also normally occupied with the phrase “There are no silly questions, they can ask me as many times as they like” followed in quick succession with “I just wish they would stop asking me so many questions – they should know it by now!”

    Oh the frustration!

    • icedcappp says:

      Yes! I completely agree. Each generation works differently, and we’ll all be happiest if we can learn to bridge those gaps instead of just being bitter about it.

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