Steve’s Music Mix – Hopelessly Addicted

Just came across Steve’s Music Mix – and I confess that I am hopelessly addicted to music-on-shuffle types of things, so… Let’s do this thing.

I’m addicted to….?   

I Will Always Love You

– Well, I’m definitely addicted to love songs, and this is kind of the quintessential one :)

I wish I didn’t….?

Love Like This

– LOL I’m noticing a recurring theme here. Apparently my love is a guilty pleasure.

(This is one of those songs that you have lying around but have never really listened to… The play count is 0 and I can’t remember downloading it)

I would love to…?

Mad World

– I would love to sit here and listen to Mad World and pretend it’s 2001.

And that’s exactly what I am going to do.

And I find it kind of funny

I find it kind of sad

The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had

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4 Responses to Steve’s Music Mix – Hopelessly Addicted

  1. Steve says:

    Welcome to the cosmic musicology that is the music mix. Great answers and thanks for playing along.

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  3. neffy93 says:

    I’m also addicted to Steve’s music mix. Looking forward to tomorrow… whoops later today, perhaps I need to listen to I Go To Sleep by the Pretenders or something.


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