Steve’s Music Mix: WORK WITH ME ITUNES

It’s funny that last night I was looking for a crystal ball so that I could accept the right job offer, and today Steve’s Music Mix is going to predict my future (and my past, which is a less impressive feat). Let’s get to it.

This time yesterday I was…?   

 Speak Now – Taylor Swift

… Ruining someone’s wedding?

In all likelihood I was speaking this time yesterday. Well played, iTunes.

This time tomorrow I will be…?

 Django – Luis Bacalov & Rocky Roberts

Django? Really? I am going to become a freed slave and bounty hunter by this time tomorrow? That I’d like to see.

This time next year I will be…?

Born This Way – Lady Gaga

What a vague answer. That could mean anything! Why do I even have this song when I don’t like Lady Gaga?

My iTunes is not being cooperative today.

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3 Responses to Steve’s Music Mix: WORK WITH ME ITUNES

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for playing. Your answers didn’t scare the s*** out of you then.

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