But All the Time Turners Broke…

So today’s Daily Prompt is almost the same as this week’s Weekly Challenge… Oh well!

If I could turn back time and relive one moment of my life, I wouldn’t. The past is best left in the past, and messing with it can cause all sorts of chain reactions, and I really don’t want to get involved with that. Also, time travel is a lot of work, and very dangerous. I always thought that, if I had a time turner (but they’re all gone now, the Death Eaters smashed them in the Department of Mysteries…) I would use it to redo hours over and over again until I got everything done. I would probably age really fast, though, and I don’t think I want to do that. Is that how that would work?

But why am I nitpicking when I’ve been asked to choose a moment, not discuss whether or not I’d time travel? If I HAD to travel back to a moment to relive it, I would travel back to March 7, 2014, because that was the day I lost my student ID card. I would take it out of my pocket and put it somewhere safe.

That was probably the most boring answer of all time, but I am seriously still focused on that, because NO ONE IS LETTING ME REPLACE MY ID. So losing the original has become the greatest regret of my life. What?

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12 Responses to But All the Time Turners Broke…

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  5. Ted Luoma says:

    Mundane is the spice of life.

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