I’m a Big Nerd

That’s right, I’m a stereotype. Like any good nerd, my worst subject in school was gym.

I’m generally a jack of all trades, academically. I worked my way through Calculus, I got 80s in Science but dropped it out of lack of interest, and I excelled in English. Functions, Geography, History, Law, Accounting, Fine Arts, Religion… piece of cake. Just do NOT ask me to play table tennis or kick a ball or hit a ball or throw a ball… Basically, once you add a ball, I’m done.

Of course, I wasn’t great even without a ball. I don’t run either, and I was too self-conscious for the dance unit, even though I would have been a competitive dancer at the time. I had a C streak in gym, I believe, although I think some teachers pitied me and gave me a B.

In high school, fortunately, I was able to take a fitness class instead, which meant aerobics, yoga, and stuff like that. I still sucked at table tennis, but I can do a Sun Salutation admirably, so I managed to get a good enough grade not to spoil my academic records.

I still don’t understand why gym is required, though. I get that they want to make kids move, but really, is this the best way to do it? For those of us who don’t play sports, it’s absolutely traumatic. You could have just given me a jump rope, and I would have gotten all the exercise and more than I would have had in gym class, and I wouldn’t have hated myself for it either! 

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