Steve’s Music Mix:

Been a while, ladies and gents. I am exhausted from my new commute, which is about an hour and a half each way (3 hours of my life every day). More exhausting is meeting the people, learning the ropes, etc. I am so glad this is my last work term. Bring on the permanent jobs!!

Anyway, I’m too tired to come up with my own post, so I’m doing Steve’s Music Mix tonight! It feels like it’s been ages.

Where is your happy place?   

Another One Bites the Dust

Well. That’s morbid. I’m not that heartless!

Where are you now?

My Immortal

No. I’m in my room.

I came very close to posting a link to this instead. My favourite literary work of all time.

What do you mean?

Take Me Out

Huh. What do I mean? Take me out where? To the ball game?

Good night, all.

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