I’m Still a Robot

When was the last time I shed tears of joy?

Never. I don’t cry easily, so when I do, it’s usually because I’m having a panic attack or watching the Appa-theft episode of Avatar.

I know this prompt is a duplicate but I didn’t do it the last time it cropped up. I think that’s because the answer is, as usual, “I am a robot.” Sigh. Maybe when I have my firstborn child or something. Although, I don’t want kids, so. My wedding day? But that would ruin my face. No thanks!

Can’t a girl just not cry tears of joy and carry on with her day? Seriously.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”

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2 Responses to I’m Still a Robot

  1. lifelessons says:

    I love the name of your blog!


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