IE Sucks and Some Actual Things

My immediate response to this prompt was, “I have no idea. I just ramble on about minutia in my daily life and call it writing.” This is why I shouldn’t read prompts pre-coffee.

The truth is that I didn’t create this blog to change anything. I created it for myself. I like writing, and sometimes, on rare occasions, something occurs to me that I feel like I should share with an audience. This is my soapbox. Recent things that occurred to me were:

  • BIRTH CONTROL. Do you have any idea what kind of discussion is happening about birth control on the internet? There is no discussion at all out there, just fear mongering (WHY I GOT OFF THE PILL AND YOU SHOULD TOO UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIIEEEE) and overdramatic customer complaints (An actual one: “Depo ruined my marriage!” K.)
  • Acne, and my experience at the Dermatologist as someone who was forced to go there against her will. I got angrier and angrier about it over time; the business of exploiting people’s insecurity makes me sick.
  • Writing. And being written about. There is someone out there writing about me, you see. Yes, little old me. Not directly and not by name, so they have a right to it. But it’s not a good feeling, and probably not something bloggers think about as much as they should.

I’ll probably write these posts at some point. Not definitely. But since I am motivated to think and talk about them, I will probably become motivated to write about them. My tablet is lagging this website so badly right now that I never want to write again, oh my god. Just sitting here watching my words appear on the screen 30 seconds after I typed them, don’t mind me. A word to the wise: Tablets ARE NOT COMPUTERS. Also, IE is garbage. Icedcappp has spoken.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

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