I Need Better Books

Well it’s midnight, and I’m sitting around doing nothing, so why not do a daily prompt? Do you ever feel like everyone in your life is sick? I made a big pot of soup today and then didn’t eat it because it needed to cook for 6 hours and I started at 4:00. ABC systems are complex and expensive to implement, so implementing one for a brand new product is likely not worth it. Tell me again why you don’t want to try the lentils? It wasn’t that cold, I mean, unless you consider -11 to be cold. Sometimes that’s true, but other times it’s more about the shape as opposed to the colour, I think. Holding real estate in a corporation may have tax deferral benefits, but it could compromise QSBC eligibility; it may be better to hold these assets personally, or in their own corporation. Then I got really excited about buying a new binder; yeah, I was INTJ-ing all over the place for a while there. The cat is crying again, she will not shut up about this whole Ferrero Rocher thing. If, for example, the sales mix changes to 3:7, or 3 units of Do-All for every 7 units of Superword, you can see in the preceding table that the breakeven sales volume in bundles increases from 75 units to 100 units.

I think I’m going to write all my posts like this from now on.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

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