Let Me Out Of This School NOW

It’s hard to imagine feeling energized or rejuvenated when it’s the morning and I have to get ready for class in 2 minutes. But why not post a half-baked prompt in the meantime? Better than working on the case I didn’t finish last night!

Okay, I won’t be snarky for once and I will actually answer the question. The last time I felt energized and rejuvenated was every time I think about the fact that I have a fresh challenge ahead of me this year. I have 2 – getting a job, and writing the CFE (hard to say which is more challenging). I can’t do anything about the job thing yet, and the CFE is still 8 months away, but it’s so much easier to get motivated to do something when it isn’t listed on some syllabus and I’m not getting emails about it from my profs about dropboxes and font size requirements.

Not being in school is my fountain of youth. The “real world” is so close, and don’t you DARE tell me the real world is not what I think it will be. I’m not unrealistic – I know life is hard, and work is work, and financial independence sucks. But if life truly peaks when you’re in university, dealing with crippling debt and anxiety and suffocating uncertainty, then that is the most depressing thing in the entire world. Bring on the mortgage payments! At least it’s not OSAP.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

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2 Responses to Let Me Out Of This School NOW

  1. claudiareilly says:

    Hi! While reading your post, I had to smile. I feel the same way about school like you and everytime I am thinking about leaving this place and never having to come back again, I feel really energized and fresh :) So, well done and don’t give up!

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